Tuesday, November 24, 2020

एक ग़ज़ल ऐसी भी। ....


ज़िन्दगी है पहुंची देखो किस कगार पर 

उम्मीद भी टिकी है चार्जर की तार पर। 

खुशफहमियां हैं इतनी, के गिनते नहीं बनता 

लो फिर चली  है ख्वाहिश अपने शिकार पर।  

चुप रहने को कहा है मगर सुन रहें हैं सब  

खामोशियों की चीखें दिल की मज़ार पर। 

वो कौन है जो हमको नसीहत है दे गया 

डूबा नहीं कभी, वो खड़ा है किनार पर। 

है फासले अब और दूरियां भी बहुत हैं 

रिश्ते मगर इतराते है, फिर भी प्यार पर। 

है खौफ के साये गहन, फीकी हुईं खुशियां 

फिर भी  चले आएंगे , तेरी इक पुकार पर। 

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Our hearts bleed

We are teachers
and our hearts bleed!
In the task of nation building
We did not succeed!

You light those torches
and set buses on fire,
You smash with rods
and display your ire,
Appeals of your gurus
Fall on deaf ears,
You barge in masked
and spread a reign of fear!
To reason and to logic
You pay no heed!

We are teachers ,
And our hearts bleed!

You always walk in mobs
that have no name
You hit left 'n right
As if it is a video game!
Compassion is a value
That holds no meaning now
What made you so intolerant?
Who taught you this and how?
We nurtured you with love
And sowed the soulful seed.

We are teachers
And our hearts bleed!

Where we went wrong?
What we did not teach?
Fourteen years in school,
The learning has been bleached,
You left us with a promise
That you will be the champ
For the downtrodden
You will be the lamp,
Pelting stones can never
Solve issues of a creed !

We are teachers
And out hearts bleed!

Arise and awake and listen to the call of Peace!
Spring in to an action
That puts violence to cease,
Demolish the walls of hatred
And burn the vehemence down,
We taught you to connect
With a smile not with a frown,
Don't push your education
Into life's back seat!

We are teachers,
And our hearts bleed!